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Low-cost to no cost Houston home for Non-Profits & Social Services

The Outreach Center of West Houston, a low-cost to no cost Houston facility for non-profits, plays a vital role in the welfare of the surrounding community by providing an affordable home for local non-profits and social non-profit organizations in Houston, increasing the capacity and effectiveness of the non-profit sector to meet our West Houston community needs.

When you give to OCWH, whether it’s as a donor, event sponsor, or volunteer, you are giving to our local community and helping to restore broken families and individuals.

Upcoming Events

January 21: OpenDoor Church Food Bank - TBA

April 21:  20th Annual Charity Casino Night

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The Outreach Center of West Houston is more than just a building. It is a place where people find hope and healing for their lives through the many non-proft programs that call OCWH home. We are grateful to be a part of their story by continuing to provide a low-cost, safe, clean, and welcoming environment for them to serve our community.

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