For over 16 years…

Over 40 years ago, OCWH first found its purpose for valuable use in service to the local
community. Now 16 years later, after incorporating as its own 501(c)3, the Center is a central hub located in West Houston. Located near highly populated schools and neighborhoods, OCWH provides the non-profit community with a low cost dynamic facility to meet community needs.


16 years ago, the Center was incorporated as its own independent 501(c)3. And, for the last 16 years,—thanks to your support and giving—the Outreach Center of West Houston has been instrumental in supporting non-profit community agencies that advance the social, emotional, and educational welfare of our community residents.

Because of the generous support from you and our community over the last 16 years, we have been able to provide these community groups the facility space needed to operate programs and services that directly benefit the community and its residents. We do this at the lowest possible cost to the non-profits. And, we are only able to do this with your support.

How Our Community is Impacted:

Developing: To restore healthy relationships, purpose, and productivity to individuals and families

Did you know that 47% of households in the Houston area speak another language other than English?)

CrossWalk Houston is a long-time non-profit agency who offices and conducts ESL, Citizenship classes and GED classes at the Center. You may find out more about CrossWalk at their website.

Enriching: Enriching adults, families, and children with educational opportunities, mentoring, coaching, and more.

Did you know that 28% of Houston households do not have a parent or that 20.9% children in Houston live in poverty?

FamilyPoint Resources is another long time non-profit agency that offices and conducts many activities and programs throughout the year at the Center. They bring in health clinics, run sports camps, provide tutoring and after-school programs for children, and operate a community library out of the Center—to name a few of the many services they provide. You may find out more about FamilyPoint at their website.

Recovery: Providing opportunities of recovery to heal and bring hope, creating community and support.

Did you know that alcohol is the drug of choice among teens and did you know that 36.5% of deaths are alcohol related?

The Center houses multiple recovery groups from AA, Alanon, SMART Recovery, Food Addicts and others. A long-time agency that has satelitte offices and conducts individual and family programs at the Center is the Palmer Drug Abuse Center, PDAP. You may find out more about PDAP at their website. For a list of meetings at the Center, visit our Programs page.

Enriching, Developing, Recovering

These and many other organizations throughout the year make use of our centrally located facility to bring events and activities to our community.

  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Food Addicts
  • SMART Recovery
  • Palmer Drug Abuse Program (PDAP)
  • Gulf Coast Texas Service Committee
  • CrossWalk Houston
  • FamilyPoint Resources
  • YoungLife Westside
  • C.E.N.T.E.R Ministries
  • Spiritual Organizations
  • Community Organizations & Events

Thankful for your support in 2019

Toward the end of this year, we had an unexpected, and very generous offer to update and upgrade our lobby floors. One of our goals at the Center is to always maintain a clean and welcoming facility for everyone who walks through our doors. Due to the generous donation of materials and labor by GranQuartz, BSF Flooring, and Ameripolish (pictured above), we now have a clean, fresh new look to our lobby. Our community loves it!

We also had an unexpected gift of $500 from the Rotary Club of Memorial-Spring Branch. Bill “Dr. Bill” Haglund of the Rotary) presented Jorge the check. Why? Because they want to support what we do in our community to provide non-profit and community groups facility space to operate programs and services that directly benefit the community and its residents.

Thankful for You throughout the Year

From volunteering to major corporation sponsorships, event sponsorships and participation, project underwriting and grants as well as individual donations and year end giving—this is what helps us serve our community and be the central gathering place for non-profit and civic groups, allowing them to continue to offer important community programs and services.

We are thankful for you!

Your continued support of the Center will ensure that the thousands of patrons who visit and use the Center annually have the best opportunities for life enrichment, development, and recovery, while allowing us to provide top quality facilities for our amazing partner programs.

If you’d like to make a recurring, one-time, or sponsorship donation, please click here to give at our secure online portal.

Your support means a lot to the community, a gift of any size goes a long way to make our community better.

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