We Are #HoustonStrong

As our neighbors are dealing with recovery efforts from the flood, I have been encouraged by the many examples of how good folks are at their core. It is times like these when community matters most, and the phrase “We’re here for you” carries more meaning than ever.

Once again, the OCWH community rallied together and persevered during this time of crisis like all of our fellow Houstonians. We received more supplies than we could handle and armies of volunteers showed up. The Center served its mission as a bridge between the needs of our neighbors and those willing to help with their time, energy and resources. People from all over Houston, the state, and country called me asking how they could help.

The value of the programs for recovery from alcohol, drugs, and food addiction was made clear by the dozens of calls I received­—while the rain was still falling—asking if the Center was open. And, although OCWH’s facility had some damage in FamilyPoint’s community library, with the help of our various friends and neighbors, we were able to quickly resume operations. It is a joy to see our partners increase their normal spirit of cooperation as they deal with the disruptions to their use of OCWH’s facility. They have accommodated each other’s needs in an amazing manner.

Our city and community have a long road of recovery ahead, but we have already showed our resolve with an incredible and truly humbling response. If you need help finding resources for relief, please give me a call, 281-497-7211.

The Outreach Center of West Houston sincerely thanks you for your support as we continue to lift up our community together.

Jorge Quiñones, Executive Director

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