During Hurricane Harvey, our community partners stepped up to the plate to offer relief to our neighborhood. By the week's end St. Thomas' doors had seen approximately 750 people. FamilyPoint Resources opened a food pantry at the Center and continued to respond to families in need. While schools waited to return to normal, special day camps were arranged at the Center so the children would have a place to go.
What happens after the final bell at school? For many children, those critical hours after school are spent without a parent there to help with homework or make an afternoon snack. And the way these hours are spent could decide what kind of future lies ahead for these kids. OCWH's after school programming, run by FamilyPoint Resources, is a cornerstone of the Center. This daily programming provides a safe and positive environment for local children to spend their afternoon. Every day, hundreds of children are able to benefit from one-on-one tutoring, a first-class computer lab, and our very own community library.
Sometimes, the hardest part of the journey is the first step. The Outreach Center of West Houston hosts over 20 recovery groups every week. These groups help countless members of our community beat addiction and reclaim their lives. Visit www.oc-wh.org to view our group schedules or to learn more.
Our community partners are thankful to you, our supporters and advocates of bettering our community. The Center is centrally located, offers a clean, safe facility for our community non-profits to reach and serve our community through educational programs, recovery programs, teen and family counseling, workshops, tutoring, after-school programs.And, that is just naming a few!
After Hurricane Harvey, on September 16, 2017, the Outreach Center of West Houston served as a host location for the Food Truck Relief Rally. The Food Truck Relief Rally was held at five loctions throughout Houston and was generously sponsored by the Greater Houston Black Chamber and Shell.
The Outreach Center of West Houston is a 501c(3) organization formed for the purpose of being the premiere provider of independent facilities for non-profit community service programs in the Houston, Texas area. We are proud to partner with such organizations as FamilyPoint Resources, Crosswalk Houston, Palmer Drug Abuse Program, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), as well as other service organizations in the Houston area.