Summer is busy at OCWH!

Director Notes

Summer fun at OCWH

When the school year ends and summer rolls in, activity ratchets up at OCWH and the Center is abuzz with programs and activities for men, women and children of all ages.

Throughout the summer, OCWH continues to host dozens of recovery meetings for alcoholics, teenagers in recovery, and even food addicts each week. These programs are attended by hundreds of participants. CrossWalk Houston conducts both daytime and evening adult education classes for English as a Second Language and Basic Computer skills. The spiritual needs of our neighboring families are addressed by six churches and religious groups that hold weekly worship services.

The kids have a great time during the summer at OCWH!

In addition to these year-round programs, Family Point Resources hosts summer enrichment activity camps at OCWH for low income neighborhood youth and children. The camp activities include Creative Arts Camp, Summer Reading Program, Dance Camp, Sports Camps, Theater Camp, Sewing Camp, and ESL classes for refugee children. It’s such a great opportunity for many of these young people to develop new friendships and learn new skills. Kids from the surrounding neighborhood enjoy working on our new community garden. Dozens of teens from our local high schools and junior high schools volunteer to help the kids have a great and safe time. Volunteer adults help the staff keep everything under control. Family Point also partners with other organizations to expand the impact of their camps.

For instance, The City of Houston Parks and Recreation Department provides free lunches to the campers.

Caring for the community garden at OCWH!

To top it off, at the end of the summer, 150 kids are given the opportunity to attend Camp Ozark in Arkansas on scholarships. Camp Ozark provides these scholarships so that these kids—who might otherwise never get the chance—can experience a life changing week which is the highpoint of their summer.

We are fortunate that our location between low income and affluent communities affords us the opportunity to be a bridge between families in need and families and businesses with the resources and heart to address those needs.

Whew! Summers are busy at OCWH!Come by and say hi and see all the good work going on.

Jorge Quiñones
Executive Director

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