Restoring families in West Houston!

Freedom to be all you can be at OCWH through recovery programs and positive connections with others.

A story from Miriam and how the Outreach Center of West Houston is part of her life-change and support system.

At the Outreach Center of West Houston, I first encountered a program that saved my life and brought me into a closer, vital relationship with God. It was here that I first entered the doors of an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and discovered the solution to a problem that endangered me both spiritually and physically. Here I encountered people who had overcome the power of a fatal disease and discovered purposeful lives of service to God and family, friends and community.

I, and many others, am grateful for the safe, clean atmosphere at the Outreach Center where a newcomer can immediately feel welcomed and encouraged. Those who are new to sobriety enter the doors seeking hope and support and help—and they find it! Those with long-term sobriety find a spiritual family and abundant opportunities to be of service to their fellows. Everyone experiences it as a comfortable, affordable facility where personal growth flourishes. The sight of happy faces and hearty laughter testify to the miracles that flourish here.

Each week more than a dozen recovery groups meet at the Center. These serve men, women, teenagers, grandparents, professionals, homemakers, mothers and fathers – the people of our community. We are all grateful for the affordable, generous hospitality that allows these groups to flourish. Meeting the needs of diverse groups in our community is a commendable and enriching achievement. The Outreach Center of West Houston has become a very important place in my life and heart and I give thanks for all the people who make its existence possible. —Miriam

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