Hurricane Harvey Relief/Recovery Update

From the Executive Director

Temporary Shelter

St. Thomas Temporary Shelter

Once again our community has stepped up during a time of need when Hurricane Harvey dumped massive amounts of rain on our Texas communities. Our partner St. Thomas Presbyterian Church set up a temporary shelter. On Tuesday of last week they had offered shelter to five families growing to approximately 75 individuals as the week went on and more rescues and evacuations were made in our area. Think of the relief felt by folks that were being dropped off on Blackhawk helicopters when they saw a place to stay! Neighbors generously donated food, clothing, mattresses, time, energy and attention to get the temporary shelter in place. It was a joy to see our community in action. The shelter closed last Friday as everyone had been able to make other arrangements. Thank you to everyone who helped St. Thomas get the shelter going and make our guests feel welcome and cared for during this time of need!

Food Pantry

Food Pantry for West Houston

Outreach Center of West Houston has now opened up a food pantry carefully manned and operated under our community partner, FamilyPoint Resources. We anticipate that many in our immediate community will face ongoing challenges in the weeks and months ahead as they deal with the aftermath and not having their regular incomes, transportation and shelter. Please check our Facebook page for updates on volunteers and food item needs as they become available. FamilyPoint is assessing the needs and will keep us updated on how we can help.

Center Needs

Library Demo

The Center itself took on water and we had to remove carpet and cut sheetrock. The library received the brunt of the water damage. But, again, our community overwhelmed us with willing volunteer workers, and the demolition was done in one day. It will take us a little while to determine what is the best remedy. We are planning for an end state of a more secure and beautiful building. We anticipate needing to raise funds to cover the expenses and have already received assurances of financial assistance from generous supporters like you and our community.

Why It’s Important

And this is why we continue to press on and remain an active, vibrant part of our community: In spite of the flooding, I have personally received dozens of

inquiries from folks wanting to know if the Center is open so that they could attend their particular recovery meeting. I have learned that they are from all over Houston as they asked me what was a safe route to reach us. I applaud them for their commitment to their recovery and the hope the Center’s programs offer as they cope with the extra challenges and stress of the flood.

That is humbling. To be so committed to the life change and hope that they have been given, we can do no less than to continue to provide the resources that bring help and healing to our community.

No books were harmed! Safely in the auditorium now.

The Board of OCWH is more determined than ever to provide a safe welcoming facility for our community.

Jorge Quiñones
OCWH Executive Director

#HoustonStrong! #We’reHereForYou!

If you’d like to make a one time special donation now, you may do so online at DONATE NOW.

Additional updates to follow as well regarding the October Golf Tournament.

Thank you for your support, prayers and generosity!

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