Director’s Notes

Community. That’s a word that’s used a lot around OCWH. Since day one, OCWH’s mission has revolved around finding areas of need in the community and connecting them with local resources to fill the void. We see ourselves as a facilitator; providing a platform for our amazing partner programs to meet the needs of our neighboring families and constituents. In other words, our focus is on bringing the community together and providing an affordable, safe and welcoming place for local organizations and programs to grow, enrich and improve that community.

In fulfilling such a vital role to those around us, I believe OCWH has become the focal point for outreach programs in the West Houston area, and as such, it is our responsibility to provide the best facilities possible. That is why I could not be more grateful for the financial support we received for recent renovations to our auditorium through our 2016 yearend Outreach Elves campaign. The physical upgrades are evident to any visitor of the Center, but the true reward of our continued investment in our facility is evidenced by the amazing growth in the utilization of the Center and the expanded programming that has occurred over the past five years.

It is incredible to see the OCWH mission realized, and I am extremely proud of what we have been able to achieve as a result of the generosity and support of our friends, our sponsors, our local businesses and our neighbors. We are indeed much more than a building; we are a vital part of a community.

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