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CrossWalk Community Table

One of our premiere non-profit agencies, CrossWalk Houston, would like to invite you to join them at the Community Table. Read on for a note from CrossWalk’s Director, Sedonia Finstad. We are glad to be here for them!

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by Sedonia Finstad, Director of CrossWalk Houston 

A table where some met for the first time. A table where stories intersected to become beginnings and real community happened.

Shortly before taking the position of CrossWalk Houston Director, I was one of many volunteering in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. I spent most of my days at The Refuge greeting a lost and hurting community, cooking whatever I could for the hungry, and listening to their stories. As people of all ages and all colors and all backgrounds walked through lines for shovels or ate sandwiches in booths, I imagined a table where everyone was invited.

A table where some met for the first time.

CrossWalk Houston invites you to Community Table. It’s a time to share a meal with all who are a part of CWH.

houston diversity community servicesStudents, volunteers, steering council, church members, and staff came together for our first lunch in June. It was a huge success and began the transition from volunteer or student to something more meaningful and personal: something like sitting at the dinner table with family.

CWH will host a lunch once a month at The Outreach Center of West Houston where CrossWalk Houston is located. If you would like to know more about Community Table or join us for lunch one month, please contact me at

Community Table or any of the many ministries happening at CrossWalk Houston would not be possible without your continued support. After lunch, a student from Nigeria stood and thanked CrossWalk Houston for supporting her and helping her with English and reading and writing. From her mouth to your ears: thank you.

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