Because of You We are Here for West Houston

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Because of You Children Find a Loving, Nurturing Environment at the Center

Because of you and your support of the Center, we are able to partner with local non-profit agencies, such as FamilyPoint Resources.

Because of you, FamilyPoint is able to provide a library that they opened at the Center, Nottingham Park Community Library, and they provide after-school programming for our area schools, tutoring, educational life skills classes, sports programs, and more. FPR also partners with other local agencies using the Center’s location to provide dental, medical, and health and wellness clinics to our neighboring community families.

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Because of You…We can Provide Fully Functioning Facilities such as a State of the Art Auditorium

Yes, because of you the Outreach Center of West Houston is able to provide other local non-profit agencies with fully functioning facilities with space for rehearsals and community events like you see in the video above. Look at them go!

nonprofit agencies addiction houstonBecause of You…Adults, Children, Families in our Community Find Hope, Healing, and Care at the Center

The non-profits that call OCWH home all have one thing in common and that is to help people in our community live better lives and be all that they can be. Several a common focus on children and teens and offer evening programs, sports, meeting places, classes, and Bible studies. There are over 36 groups that offer hope and healing from addictions of all sorts such as alcohol addiction, and food addiction, and teach life-long skills to make better decisions. One of our premier groups, PDAP–Palmer Drug Abuse Program–specializes in teen addiction recovery and restoring relationships in families. Their program focuses on ages through 25.

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Because of You…The Center’s Promissory Note is Paid in Full!

15 years ago, a bold and daring group, made the decision to build the Outreach Center of West Houston. It was a major undertaking, but well worth it so that the services to our local community could continue. The total cost for the building was $1 million!

Over the summer, many of you stepped forward with very generous gifts to see the building loan paid. Because of your generosity and an unexpected gift on Giving Tuesday, we can celebrate that the building debt is retired!

We thank Post Oak Bank for being there for us through this whole process, working with us year after year.

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Because of You…We Can be Here for Our Community to Provide Low-Cost Facilities for Non-Profits

The Center is here for non-profit agencies such as FamilyPoint. Non-profits that care, nurture, educate, and love our community as much as you do. We couldn’t be here without you.

Our vision is to be a premier facility for non-profit agencies by providing safe, welcoming, state-of-the-art facilities at a low-cost fee for these agencies to better serve our community.

With the facilities being 15 years, and with Harvey renovations last year, we now are in need of kitchen and bathroom renovations. You can imagine how many flushes occur here on a daily basis with over 130 children, teens, adults, volunteers, and groups coming through! If you’ve been following us on Facebook, you can see we’ve posted some fun (and silly) facts about bathrooms recently. Did you know there is a World Toilet Day?

Our year end goal is $15,000. All kidding aside, the complete bathroom renovation is $25,000, but because of you and your support throughout the year, we are asking for your support to raise the $15,000 to help offset this major cost. The kitchen reno has already been completed thanks to the generosity and your loyal support.

As the year comes to a close, we once again depend on the generosity of you and our sponsors and donors to bridge the gap for our budgetary needs.

Please consider a special year end gift to the Outreach Center Elves Campaign to help with this extra expenditure. Without you, and the generosity of our community, we couldn’t do it.

Thank you so much.

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Because of you and your support, the non-profits who call OCWH home do so much for our community in meeting needs and restoring lives and we are glad to be here for them.

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